Keepin’ in Touch

Hi gang,

it’s been a while since I blogged. Life has been a bit crazy lately. Kids are back in school and my job as lunch-maker, homework corrector, kid-driver began in earnest. How do other mothers do this wildness called life?

I’m not complaining because I love every minute of it. (Well, except Algebra, I didn’t like it the first go-around and don’t like it much more now that my son is taking it. Ugh). But I am curious since there is clearly not enough time in the day, what do you let go?

Here’s my list of thing I’ve let slide:
housecleaning (check),
exercise (check),
cooking full-blown meals (check),
sleep (check),
make-up for anything other than a fancy function (check),
blogging (check, need to rectify)
reading (no way!).

On the publishing front, I am expecting my galleys for CATCH ME IN CASTILE any day now. The print book comes out June 1, 2010. I can hardly wait to get it in my hands. Seeing it on the bookshelves would be pretty darned cool too.

You all stay well!

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