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Survivor Lost (Alaskan Guardsmen Book 1)

SurvivorLostcoverdigitalComplete novel that can stand alone.

Ex-SEAL and US Coast Guard aviation rescue swimmer Marcus Holt has never lost a victim to the frigid waters of Alaska until a rescue spirals out of control, and he loses a man he loved like a father. When the dead man’s sexy daughter—a former assistant district attorney from New York—blows into Sitka asking questions, Marcus admits she may just have a case to sue him. Too many things went wrong out there. And he can’t remember a thing.

Nicole Manning isn’t staying in Alaska long. She’s determined to find her estranged father’s secret accounts and correct the crimes he committed before he died. After that it’s back to New York to pick up her broken pieces. But she isn’t prepared for the rough-and-tough USCG swimmer who heads her off at every turn and makes her rethink…everything. Marcus stubbornly demands to take the blame for her dad’s death in order to protect the air crew. His strength and big heart tempt her to deviate from her get-out-of-Sitka-fast plans. Because Marcus himself is a man in need of a rescue, and Nicole is impossibly tempted to jump in feet first.


A Convenient Scandal — Plunder Cove 

A convenient Scandal from Amazon“I will get married…

But it sure as hell won’t be for love.”

A compromising viral video has ruined Jeffrey Harper’s reputation. But his father’s offer for a new start comes with strings. To develop a luxury resort at Plunder Cove, the celebrity hotelier must first settle down—with an arranged marriage. That suits the cynic fine, until aspiring chef Michele Cox whets his appetite for something spicier than a contract would allow…



Soul Stealer



When Death falls in love with Sara–a saint who’s sole wish is to protect the homeless–he breaks all the rules to keep her alive until her life’s project is finished. The two lovers flip the natural order upside down as they race against time, fight bloodthirsty demons, and seek redemption and a Christmas miracle.

Death is the one man keeping Sara alive, but when she falls in love with him, will she be able to let him go?


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