God Whisperer

Inspirational Suspense

God Whisperer is an inspirational suspense published by Clean Reads Press. It was a first-place winner in the Hot Prospects Contest. To read about the true personal story behind the book click here: Kimberley’s blog

First-place winner in the Hot Prospects Contest.

Amazon 4.9 out of 5.0 stars.


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A frightened mother on the run…
LONNIE HOGAN has lived and breathed fear for the eight years that she and her son have been on the run. She cut ties with the past and is hiding out in a small offbeat Danish community in California. Will the killers find them? She’s ready to run again, or fight for her son’s precious life, but she won’t let anyone take David.

A desperate man searching for his family…

Few people on St. John, Virgin Islands, know that their favorite doctor, MARK NORTON, is a desperate man searching for the life that was stolen from him. After hours, he surfs the internet for leads and retraces paths gone stone-cold to find his missing family. He’ll do anything to find them and get his son back.

Will sacrifice everything to protect the boy who hears God…

What readers are saying about the book:

“…crafted a remarkable story, which has twists, turns, surprises and outstanding depth. Characters are written of with love and humanity, making this a truly exceptional reading experience…” London Cat Reviews and Design 

“This is a book everyone should read, you will not be sorry you did!…” Amazon reviewer

“A truly inspiring book – 5 stars. Kimberley Troutte is an amazing writer…” Amazon reviewer

“…thrilling, so funny and just something that could make you see your life differently after reading it…” Amazon reviewer

“I looked forward to each chance I had to sit down and read on through the book, and many evenings I found it very difficult to turn off the Kindle and go to sleep…” Amazon reviewer

“…What a fascinating and thought provoking book – a lot of food for thought in it. I really appreciated the picture of a loving and – yes, a God with a kind and wonderful sense of humor! I highly recommend it…” Amazon reviewer

“…Whatever your religious beliefs (or not) this is a book well worth reading. I read this book in one sitting as once started I could not put it down. The story was told with such sincerity that I laughed and cried throughout…”Amazon reviewer

“…This book with make you laugh out loud and it will also touch your heart…” Amazon reviewer

Beautifully written story, with characters you will come to love and root for…powerful and threaded with lyrical prose, that will keep you turning the pages of God Whisperer from the beginning right to the end…”Amazon reviewer

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