Meet Sandy Lo and LOST IN YOU

I just found another perk to having the greatest job in the world. What’s that you say? All the dark chocolate a girl can stuff in her face? Champagne bubble baths? Non-stop back rubs? No silly, I get debut authors like Sandy Lo as a guest blogger. Isn’t that a kick?

Sandy Lo will be jet-setting around the globe in her whirl-wind virtual book tour of LOST IN YOU in February. Well guess what? We’ve got her first, or well, a sneak peak of her. She will be stopping by on February 1st to be our guest blogger, but I couldn’t wait to post a little snippet. Shhh. Don’t tell her. What Sandy Lo doesn’t know…

For seven years, Sandy Lo has been the president of the groundbreaking website StarShine Magazine, an enterta inment outlet focusing on music. She has interviewed many celebrities from Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift to Jonas Brothers and Simple Plan. Writing has always been Sandy’s passion, and becoming a published author was a dream of hers. She is ecstatic that her dreams first came true with StarShine at only 18-years-old, and now again at twenty-six with her novel LOST IN YOU.

Various celebrities like actor Peter Facinelli (Twilight), singer/actor Chris Trousdale (Dreamstreet) and model/singer Anna Sundstrand (Play, Kohl’s) have already shown their support for Sandy ‘s novel by taking photos with LOST IN YOU for her website: .

Official Website:
Buy at
(The book will be available through all retailers in March 2009.)

Blurb of LOST IN YOU:
Cooper Jackson is a young woman who flies by the seat of her pants. She has a commitment-free life; always picking up and leaving whenever she feels like it. She doesn’t let anyone get too close, but a wedding in sunny Florida changes everything. Cooper meets Sound Wave, a famous “boy band”; the crooners are practically fighting for the young girl’s attention, but she is holding out for only one of them: Ryan Latham.

Cooper could not deny the sexual energy between her and the band’s resident “bad boy”, JT Madden. After a trip to the emergency room with Ryan, she is stuck in Florida with an injured ankle. Feeling like Cinderella after a night with Prince Charming, Cooper is glad she has an excuse to stay in town. Momentarily forgetting to keep her heart locked up, she finds herself pursuing Ryan, only to find out he’s engaged. With no hesitation, she agrees to go on a date with JT, leaving Ryan jealous and confused. He couldn’t help but be intrigued by this stranger, despite his pending nuptials.

With the help of JT and Sound Wave’s inner circle of friends, Cooper finds herself letting go, and actually loving life. Soon she realizes JT is getting serious about her, but not before she and Ryan come to their own realization: they can’t stop thinking about each other.

That’s it for now. Come on back on February 1st for the real Sandy Lo.
Kimberley Troutte

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