Walkin’ Woman

Today is the one year anniversary of using my Nike GPS to keep track of my mileage while I walk.

Any guesses as to how far I walked in one year?

Drum roll please…

612.5 miles!

Wowza. Actually, it’s more than this because there were a few times that I forgot to turn the thing on, or I was hiking on the beach and didn’t want to bring my cell with me.

I’m kinda proud of myself.

Maybe I deserve a cookie.

The important thing is to find a way to move your body that is fun, energizing, relaxing and not too painful so that you’ll stick with it.

So lace up your walking shoes (these are mine) and come join me.

I’ll see you out there!

Walk a Mile in Your Shoes

At the start of summer I downloaded the Nike GPS App to track my walking mileage. I walk every day for an hour or so, but had no real idea how far I went. Now I had the means to measure the distance.

For the three months of summer I walked…Are you ready?

138 Miles!

Holy Toledo! Or Holy Los Angeles, might be more like it if I walked from here. Who knew I walked that much? You’d think I’d be skinnier. Maybe I’d better stop rewarding myself with scones at the end and/or beginning of the walk. Yeah…

Anyway, it wasn’t hard. 138 miles equates to 11.5 miles per week. That’s only 1.6 miles per day. Barely anything.

And the benefits?

Well, there are those yummy scones I mentioned (bad girl), my jeans fit pretty nicely, I got a new pair of shoes (see picture above), breathed a whole bunch of fresh air, luxuriated in the pure form of vitamin D, smelled the flowers, worked out those writing kinks, and enjoyed myself.

So what have you got to lose? Get out there and move it. Maybe I’ll see you on the road.