Alaskan Coasties

Survivor Lost (Alaskan Guardsmen Book 1)


Complete novel that can stand alone.

Ex-SEAL and US Coast Guard aviation rescue swimmer Marcus Holt has never lost a victim to the frigid waters of Alaska until a rescue spirals out of control, and he loses a man he loved like a father. When the dead man’s sexy daughter—a former assistant district attorney from New York—blows into Sitka asking questions, Marcus admits she may just have a case to sue him. Too many things went wrong out there. And he can’t remember a thing.

Nicole Manning isn’t staying in Alaska long. She’s determined to find her estranged father’s secret accounts and correct the crimes he committed before he died. After that it’s back to New York to pick up her broken pieces. But she isn’t prepared for the rough-and-tough USCG swimmer who heads her off at every turn and makes her rethink…everything. Marcus stubbornly demands to take the blame for her dad’s death in order to protect the air crew. His strength and big heart tempt her to deviate from her get-out-of-Sitka-fast plans. Because Marcus himself is a man in need of a rescue, and Nicole is impossibly tempted to jump in feet first.

What Amazon Readers Have to Say about SURVIVOR LOST:

 “Survivor Lost is one of my favorite books…. I loved it! ”

“Wow just wow. Survivor Lost by Kimberley Troutte is one heck of a wild ride from start to finish….Well worth all five stars and many more if I could give them….”

“…If you enjoy your romances mixed with a bit of suspense and mystery, you won’t want to miss Survivor Lost. It’s definitely a must-read.”

“Ms. Troutte has written a wonderfully complex romance with a few spine tingling moments that had me gripping the ereader…”

Pilot Down (Alaskan Guardsmen Book 1)

As Pilot in Command at Air Station, Sitka, Alaska, Lt. Dane Banner is comfortable taking control. Analyzing the crap out of every emergency to avoid mistakes means that his crew goes home at the end of their shift to kiss the people they love. Being in control keeps everyone safe, happy, alive. Dane likes his life that way.

But when June Harvey, his best friend’s widow, blows back into Sitka, desperate to pick up the broken shards of her life, his internal control panel goes as haywire as if she’s an electrical storm. He can barely navigate which way is up. Now that she wants to lean on him as if he were her only friend, how can he tell her he’s been in love with her forever? And that’s not the worst secret he’s determined to keep from her.

Any sane pilot would see the danger coming and fly like hell to avoid it. So why does he long to head straight into her storm?

What Amazon Readers Have to Say about PILOT DOWN:

“…a roller coaster of emotions throughout this romance…Strong and well developed characters, a plot that moved smoothly, and some hot romance kept me turning the pages on this latest addition to Ms. Troutte’s United States Coast Guard Alaska series. I am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be more books in this series…”

“…Well done, Ms. Troutte!”

“…This author gets better with each story! A story with a lot of heart…”