Why I love American Idol and X Factor

Beyond the Veil: My TV Must-Sees: I admit to be a tad-bit addicted to American Idol and X Factor. What draws me to these shows? The judges? The drama?

Nope. Come see by clicking the link above to my post over at Beyond the Veil.

But I’ll give you a clue: It’s all about love, baby.
When is it not?

Have a great Monday.

2 Replies to “Why I love American Idol and X Factor”

  1. I must confess, I don't watch Idol anymore — I think I just got tired of it. And although I found Simon entertaining on Idol, I found him hard to take on X Factor for some reason. But I understand your fascination with reality TV. I'm a Bachelor Pad fan, a fact I have a hard time explaining, even to myself =)

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