The Reason I’ve been AWOL

I was off writing a new book! OMG! It’s awesome. The best book EVER. I am completely and totally in love. But I fall hard for all my babies when I finish the first draft. It’s all sweet honey until… I put on the editor hat and slash the poor thing to pieces. When I get in there to edit I start to realize that things aren’t so sweet. Sometimes, in fact, the story is downright stinky. And why shouldn’t it be? I pounded out the thing in two months like a race to beat the clock. I can’t really tell you why I write as if I am running for my life, because I don’t really understand it myself. I just do. It’s my process. Write lean mean fast and furious. Edit strong, heavily and without fear or remorse. So as I sit here in love, I know that in a few days I will wade back in, holding my nose and do the dirty work. I will probably hate my beautiful new baby for a while. It’s kind of sad. But don’t worry. If I do my job right, the book truly will be awesome. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Hi Kimberley! I have awarded you the Fabulous Blog Ribbon. Check out my blog for details, and please bear with the long post.

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