Color Me a Thrilled Finalist in the NOLA Star’s 2011 Suzannah Contest

Some days you wake up, the sun is shining, ice crystals twinkle across the lawn like tiny Christmas bulbs, Espresso warms your hands and throat, and you find out that you are one of the six finalists in the Suzannah. Holy moly! My manuscript, EPICENTER, is in the final round!

What is the Suzannah? Only the coolest writing contest EVER. Okay, maybe I’m a little biased since I’m a finalist and all. But there is plenty of coolness about this contest. The final round judges are a panel of six agents and editors. The winner gets money and a trophy! Holy greatness, Batman, a trophy?
The truth is, I feel like I have already won. Seriously. I am so happy.
Thank you NOLA Stars!
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