It’s Raining…Gophers?

So we’ve had a bit of weather in California lately. Lots of rain, thunder and lightning. Plus a few bizarre tornadoes touching down in residential areas. I saw a waterspout waaaay out in the ocean on my drive to town. Where am I? Oh yeah, California.

Weird things to see in my State.

To continue on with the weirdness theme, I saw something on Sunday that I couldn’t believe. My German Shorthaired Pointer, Bo, was sneaking around in the back yard. He had something in his mouth when he meandered into the gargage and crawled into his crate. He was definitely up to no good.

I peeked in and to my utter surprise saw three (pinkish with a light brown fuzz) baby gophers. Bo was carrying them one by one into his crate and laying them down gently on his pillow. He hadn’t crunched a one.

I can’t imagine what was going on inside his doggy brain. Did he think they were snacks for later, little friends, puppies, or what?

They were cute, sort of.

But now I’m wondering, do I need to get my dog a pet? Aren’t my boys enough pink–albeit, not so fuzzy–creatures to cuddle with? Am I making too much out of three doggy chew toys?

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