Can this woman be saved?

It’s September already. Yikes! How did THAT happen? Time goes so quickly sometimes, except, well, when it doesn’t.

I’m experiencing one of those SLOWWW periods right now. Time is dripping at molasses speed. The reason? I just pressed send and my next novel, tentatively entitled CATCH ME IN CASTILE, jettisoned off to my editor for review. Pretty cool, right?

Absolutely cool. It’s also gut-wrenching and torturous. My mind is riddled with anxiety. Will she like it? Will readers? Is it as good as I think it is? Should I have tried to edit it again for the 50th time? Will I survive the suspense? Can I break the compulsive disorder to check emails and phone messages every five minutes and remember to breathe?

It’s interesting to me that the process doesn’t get much easier now that I am published. The crazy self-flogging thoughts are still there.

So my question to other published authors is this: Does it EVER get any easier?

But then I have to think that maybe it shouldn’t. My characters deserve to have me stress and fret over every word, color, shade, pacing, and emotional depth. I draw them to live, after all, not just sit on a page. If my stories did not pop with twists, turns and paths not yet taken, why read them? Why write them?

So maybe stressing is a good thing. What do you think?

Oh, gotta go check my emails. It’s been at least five minutes.

Best to you,
Kimberley, one crazy woman

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  1. For me it hasn’t gotten easier. But I’ll think positive thoughts for you! My Whitney in Charge manuscript is women’s fiction so isn’t going to be published by Samhain – they are publishing strictly romance now which I understand. They have to publish what sells for them. Very sad. I’m trying to get a publisher. Like your website!

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